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Food Standards (Proposal P1044 – Plain English Allergen Labelling) Variation is the latest update, from February 2021, to the food regulations for Australia & New Zealand. It will affect all food & drink products that require an allergen statement. Allergen information must to be declared in simple, plain English terms and in a specified format and location.

Businesses have 3 years to comply with the new requirements (February 2024) and have until February 2026 to sell out any remining old stock.

There are 4 documents that all food businesses, food technologists or quality assurance supervisors need to know and follow to change over their current allergen declarations and to make sure any new products are compliant.  These are the key regulatory resources which contain the specific details regarding Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL) and all the information that is required to complete allergen labelling for all food and drink products.

Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL)

Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL) Mandatory Declaration


  1. Food Standards (Proposal P1044 – Plain English Allergen Labelling) Variation
  2. Standard 1.2.4       Information Requirements – Statement of Ingredients
  3. Schedule 9        Mandatory Advisory Statements and Declarations
  4. Food Industry Guide to Allergen Management and Labelling (FIGAML)


Wanting to know more about Plain English Allergen Labelling?

I have put together a FREE Quick Start Guide to Plain English to make it easier for you to navigate through these changes. It will give you the fundamentals to the new mandatory declarations of allergens and provide the website links to the 4 regulatory resources mentioned above. You can download it here.

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This is general information rather than regulatory advice. We therefore recommend you seek further advice that takes into account your particular ingredients, products, processing, packaging and other circumstances before making commercial decisions for your business.

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